Speed Dial

Speed Dial 0.9.1

Quickly load your most visited web sites


  • Lets you access your top site very quickly
  • Preview pages via thumbnails


  • No feature for auto-recording your most visited sites

Very good

Like most people, I visit many web sites over the course of a day but there are always a select few that I go to every day, sometimes even on several occasions throughout a 24-hour period.

This handy extension for Firefox caught my eye as it allows you to acccess your nine most visited sites from one place, much as you do with the speed dial feature on a phone, hence the application's name.

Once you've installed the add-on, Speed Dial takes you to a web site where you need to enter your nine most visited sites. You're then able to access each of these with the click of a button on a pad.

What's more, you can preview a thumbnail of each site via a tab in your browser. The speed dial function certainly helped me get to my favourite sites more easily, but I would have liked to see a function in the program that automatically recognises the sites you're visiting the most and adds these to the speed dial.

Speed Dial allows fast access to your most visited websites. It loads in a tab, and will show thumbnail views of its assigned web sites. Those thumbnails will be refreshed automatically in the background.

Speed Dial


Speed Dial 0.9.1

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